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We find the best retirement provision concept for you. Specially tailored to your professional group. The provided by MG lingua free of charge include analysis of existing insurances, an independent consultancy even for ongoing contracts and representation of your interests in relation to insurance companies. 


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Analysis of existing insurance
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Our product recommendation

index-safe – index pension in cooperation with Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung

index-safe helps you to achieve your pension goal – securely and dynamically.


If you want to invest your capital successfully nowadays then you need a pension that delivers strong returns while at the same time offering a high level of security. With index-safe, a new pension solution, you get to partake in the opportunities for returns offered by the capital markets, while your pension contributions remain protected.         


Your pension fund balance is protected.

Your savings contributions are added to your pension fund. When you retire, you are guaranteed to receive all contributions paid in and the lifelong minimum pension calculated based on this amount.


The choice is up to you, and you can remain flexible.

Each year, you can decide how you want your profits to be invested: Index participation or reliable interest yield. Alternatively, you can opt for a combination of these two approaches.


You enjoy the profits without risking any losses.

If index developments are positive, then your balance will increase. If index developments are negative, the balance you have already achieved can no longer fall.

Everything about index-safe



Stuttgarter M-A-X Multi-Asset Index: You benefit from positive performance.


With the innovative M-A-X Multi-Asset Index solution, you spread the risk across four asset classes, thereby balancing out any strong fluctuations on the capital market. The index introduced for Stuttgarter customers can invest in four different asset classes: Global equities, European real estate shares, gold, and European government and corporate bonds.


The weighting of the four asset classes is adjusted every three months in line with developments on the capital market. When doing so, investments are always made in the three asset classes that offered the strongest returns over the past three months.



Sustainable financial strategy

The long-term investment policy adopted by Stuttgarter is reflected in our key figures. It is the reason why our customers know that their financial provisions are in safe hands. After all, security and reliability are a priority for us. That is why Stuttgarter primarily invests in fixed-interest securities such as government bonds. However, this does not mean that we do not take advantage of other types of assets in our portfolio, such as shares, if the market allows. Our exceptional financial strength and our outstanding investment results are proof that this strategy is a successful one.


Stuttgarter customers enjoy higher returns thanks to an attractive overall rate of return

Therefore, if you want to take a more relaxed look into the future, then Stuttgarter is the perfect partner to have by your side. This is because as well as offering security, higher valuation reserves also mean more freedom to make lucrative investments and generate higher returns for our customers. 
See for yourself: At the end of 2015, our net return on capital investments was 5.2%.
Our competitors, meanwhile, delivered an average net return of 4.5%.


Stuttgarters financial strength is your advantage

Although Stuttgarter fundamentally pursues a security-oriented investment strategy, high reserve levels enable customers to enjoy a considerable share quota with the opportunity to generate earnings that increase over the long term. 
This means that customers who have life insurance or a pension with Stuttgarter benefit from a high level of profit participation. Over recent years, this was higher than the average interest rate that you could have achieved on the market for bonds with a ten-year term, for instance.



As a mutual insurance company, Stuttgarter places the needs of your customers at the centre of all its decisions.

Stuttgarter views the decision to adopt the legal form of a mutual insurance company
as a commitment to the needs of your customers.
No payout of dividends to shareholders
Use of profits generated to the benefit of policyholders
Traditional and trustworthy partner

For over 100 years, Stuttgarter has stood out  
thanks to its innovative solutions
for your customers

Your individual retirement provisions

We determine your requirements in a one-to-one discussion and together we develop a retirement provision which is individually customized to you.
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