About us

A committed team of experts, based on the border of the Northern Black Forest

Since 1990, MG Denzer GmbH has been working as an independent insurance broker for companies, freelancers and individuals.
We design, consult and work tirelessly on your behalf, offering forward-thinking, customer-oriented solutions for all of your insurance needs.

A relaxed health resort at the edge of the Northern Black Forest is keeping the big German insurance companies on their toes.
We support our customers in every aspect of life and work across Germany, from Sylt off the northern coast to Oberstdorf in the Bavarian Alps.

The market is prevalently characterised by customer service and selling insurance products.
In many cases, advisors avoid detailed consultations, not least because they do not have the expertise,
and simply sell you their finished products – regardless of whether they are right for you.
We focus on customised concepts to suit individuals and design our insurance solutions around your needs.

Around 95% of our business comes from satisfied customers who actively recommend us.

Supporting founders of new businesses and business successions as well as established companies forms a large part of our consulting work.
We are not just content to provide a satisfactory service – we aim to be exceptional.

BDVM membership

As a BDVM member, MG Denzer GmbH guarantees you
the highest degree of integrity and expertise


A profession with a great deal of responsibility

Until that point, it had not been difficult to become an insurance broker; freedom of economic activity meant that all anybody who wished to pursue a career
in this industry had to do was acquire a corresponding trade licence before they could call themselves an insurance broker. Qualifications did not enter the equation.
Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Anybody wishing to pursue a career as an insurance broker must now register with the responsible chamber of industry and commerce
and meet a range of requirements to qualify for a permit:

1. Reliability and orderly financial circumstances
2. A certificate of professional competence
3. A certificate of third-party financial loss insurance

Two aspects of particular importance to us are:

1. The definition of "broker" offered by the Industrial Code and the German Insurance Contract Act (VVG) is not identical to the occupational profile of a broker provided by the BDVM (Association of German Insurance Brokers e.V). This is because paragraph 59 of the VVG and 34 d(1) of the Industrial Code only make reference to the fact that insurance brokers operate independently of insurers. The BDVM insurance broker, in contrast, has dual independence: They act independently of the insurer and also of the policy holder.

2. The BDVM, as an association of reputable brokers, places significantly higher demands on its members than are written into German law relating to brokers – particularly with regard to expertise, the number of members in the profession and the scope of third-party liability insurance.


As evidence of their strong sense of responsibility, members of the BDVM are obliged to comply
with binding behavioural codes and business principles – as set out in our Code of Conduct.

The occupational profile of a BDVM broker – as described in Section 3 of the BDVM Articles of Association – requires a particular mutual trust between the policy holder and the BDVM broker. This can only be guaranteed on a lasting basis if the BDVM broker complies with certain requirements and duties. With this in mind, the Association of German Insurance Brokers e.V has built on its Articles of Association to develop a set of professional rules – named the Code of Conduct – as a guideline for the activities of its members. The scope of the Code of Conduct addresses the relationships between members of our association and insurance companies, the state (particularly the regulatory authorities) and the members themselves in competition with each other. A standardised set of rules also serves to improve communication about the occupational profile of the insurance broker and makes it possible to draw comparisons with foreign regulations and values – an increasingly important advantage in times of European integration. The BDVM Code of Conduct currently comprises three sections: - Transparency guidelines - Rules on competition - Guidelines on settlements and collections The BDVM will continue to develop its Code of Conduct on an incremental basis in accordance with developments on the national and international stage.

Source: Association of German Insurance Brokers e.V

Your advantages

Our expertise

As a neutral and independent company, MG Denzer GmbH acts exclusively in the interests of its clients, regardless of the objectives of insurance companies.

Individually customised quotes from different reliable insurance companies are determined and special conditions and premium discounts are negotiated for clients.

Our aim is to offer maximum security and superior services at the most competitive premiums with maximum contractual transparency. In all of our sectors.

Even after the conclusion of an insurance contract, MG Denzer GmbH will be available to support you with help and advice and is, for example, your direct point of contact in the event of a claim.