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All about traveling

Beeing abroad without any fears...

Designed for holidaymakers who want the same level of cover they have at home

With our foreign health insurance, we can guarantee you'll have the insurance cover you're used to at home,
anywhere in the world, and it also includes the following benefits:

Allianz organises your transport back to Germany,
provided this is medically advisable and appropriate – not only if medically necessary.

Travel assistance:
Always at the end of the phone – you can contact us on our service number +49 89 678 512 34 at any time,
365 days of the year and we will arrange everything to ensure you get the help you need.

Extra bed for stays in hospital:
If you have a child under 18 who has to spend a few days in hospital,
we will organise an extra bed for a parent or guardian.

Tariffs for:
Senior citizens
People without German residence

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Designed for young globetrotters
comprehensive cover for up to two years
easy to apply online 

When planning to travel abroad, you shouldn't just settle for any old travel health insurance. You need insurance that is tailored precisely to your requirements.
PROTRIP-WORLD is a combination of various types of insurance, created specially for young people up to 39 years of age and designed specifically for stays abroad involving an educational and cultural exchange, for example:

As an au pair
Attending a secondary school
On a work-and-travel trip
As a volunteer
On an internship
As a language and exchange student
As a student or postgraduate

You're all set for your stay abroad with PROTRIP-WORLD – a solution offering you all-round protection consisting of:

Travel health insurance
Traveller's third-party liability insurance
Travel accident insurance
Traveller's baggage insurance
Assistance insurance

Apply quickly and easily online now:

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The right travel insurance for group travel (from 8 persons) or for the next excursion with a whole school class.


Worldwide insurance cover for your luggage.

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Cover for individual trips or cost-effective annual policies.

The perfect travel cancellation insurance for your next holiday, whether it's a package tour,
independent holiday, cruise, or even just one flight or a stay in a holiday home.
Choose between one policy for individual trips or an annual policy for any number of trips within the space of a year.

We can cover individuals, families and groups of up to four people.

Take out cover quickly and easily online now:

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International insurance for areas of conflict

When planning a stay in an area of conflict, you should choose international insurance cover that is tailored to your specific situation. battleface has been designed specifically to provide insurance cover for areas of conflict and is aimed at individuals who are planning to stay in a conflict region for up to one year, either for professional or personal reasons. In particular, this insurance is aimed at:
Business travellers,
Journalists and translators,
Students and professors.

battleface therefore fills a gap in the German travel insurance market. Because this product is offered by the Malta-based Tangiers Group, the insurance is processed in English – from the insurance terms and conditions and conclusion of the contract through to the processing of claims. Invoicing is carried out in US dollars. The insurance cover does not meet German standards in all respects. For example, battleface benefits are limited to USD 250,000 per insured event.

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Additional health insurances

For statutory insured people

Supplementary tariffs to the statutory health insurance - Upgrading your benefits in the event of illness



Care is expensive. Make sure your savings are preserved



Care for your teeth!



Provide so that your children have healthy teeth.



If you truly love life, don’t waste time

– because time is what life is made of. Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

MG24 - Individual needs

We offer insurance cover for mobile devices (mobile phones, smartphones) against accidental damage or destruction.
This includes, for example, damage caused by operating errors, dropping and liquid damage. Following expiry of the warranty period, it also includes design faults, casting or material defects, calculation, factory and assembly errors.

No excess. Insurance cover from EUR 5.99 a month.

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nsure passenger vehicles, motorbikes and camping vehicles.

Want to save money? Then compare premiums for your vehicle from a range of selected insurance companies to determine which offers you the best value for money.
The premium is calculated and optimised based on your personal details.

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Legal protection for private purposes, transport, living, professions and trades

The protection and assertion
of your rights is often indispensable

With our insurance cover concepts, we meet the highest market standards on attractive terms.
Please make your own calculations, or obtain personal advice.

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