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Our MG media Allrisk liability cover can be used by freelance and self-employed individuals in the creative sector as well as international advertising and media agencies.
As you would expect, it protects against personal injury and property damage as well as against straightforward pecuniary loss. The other components of the service we provide can be integrated as required according to your business model.
We also welcome special requests – we are always happy to insure specific business models in accordance with our customers' requirements.

- Open activity clause without limitation (activities in the IT, telecommunications and consulting sectors are included)
- Legal and contractual liability
- Cover for non-material damage, such as compensation
- Copyright infringement, right of personality violation, trademarks, etc.
- Damages caused by delay, loss of sales
- Damages caused by non-fulfilment of contractual obligations
- Worldwide cover without excluding the USA or Canada
- Insurance for liability without fault in the case of deviation from agreed conditions
- No hidden obligations, such as a testing clause

Optional cover upgrade: 
- First-party printing loss insurance – cover for your costs if printing contracts go wrong
- Directors and officers liability insurance (D&O)
- First-party loss cover for justified customer withdrawals
- First-party loss cover in the case of your website being destroyed
- First-party loss insurance for fraud, breach of trust or embezzlement by persons covered by the insurance
- Co-insurance for publication risks, such as those incurred by publishing houses, editorial offices, newspapers, radio/TV stations or web portals
- Co-insurance for web and dating portal operators and other online service providers

15% start-up company and new business-founder discount 

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Whether in the office or on your travels, we provide blanket cover for all your devices as part of our Allrisk insurance, without requiring you to spend valuable time making list after list.

- Comprehensive insurance
- Memory cards and memory sticks are co-insured
- Short-term equipment rental is co-insured
- Insurance location = all premises used by the policy holder within Germany
- Devices and equipment are automatically insured for up to 50% of the documented aggregate liability when you are out and about in Germany, with the option to increase the cover to 100%
- Newly included premises are included up to EUR 100,000
- Liability starts before devices are used
- Provisional insurance for 30% of the aggregate liability; up to EUR 300,000 is co-insured
- Co-insurance for batteries (new for old deduction)
- Replacement value compensation without deduction
- Clumsiness and misuse are co-insured

Optional cover upgrade: 
- Comprehensive cover for drones
- Underwater photography

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Our legal protection provides optimum cover for our creative clients. You will receive a legal protection package that covers all the important aspects of commercial and private life. Of course, we also provide global protection without limitation on the sums insured.

- Corporate sector (corporate contract law protection by special request)
- Contract law protection for ancillary business
- Contract law protection for insurance contracts
- Private sector for owners and directors
- Vocational sector for employment activity
- Commercial sector
- Property and rental sector 
- All apartments and single-occupancy houses within Germany that are rented out or occupied by the policy holder in the private sector are covered, as are all properties used for commercial purposes up to a gross annual rent of EUR 300,000.00
- Special criminal law protection
- Provisional legal protection for new risks

Optional cover upgrade:
- Collection legal protection and claims management
- Extended lessor legal protection
- Mediation – dispute settlement procedures
- Manager legal protection

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Insurance cover in the case of legal omissions that bear on infringements of personality or copyright rights or slander, among others. This insurance is typically required if the film rights are being traded on the US or global market. However, costs arising from such charges that lead to delays or ceasing production are not reimbursed.

Special cover for specific needs. We are happy to support you. 

Why insure your film through MG media? 

Thursday evening at 6 p.m., Spa, Belgium, in a small pub close to the motor-racing circuit. The location for tomorrow's shoot. The film crew due to film an exclusive commercial for the famous luxury car brand Koenigsegg are meeting again for their last briefing. The director from the production company informs everybody that the manufacturer has expressly stated that they require comprehensive aerial photography. You managed to find a drone and a pilot at the last minute and they are coming directly to the set tomorrow. The camera we hired still has to be secured to the drone. The Safety Officer from the circuit is informed of the change in plans. "No problem," he says, "we just need a quick confirmation about the liability so that we can clear the flight and then you can start filming". Hold on – insurance? Is the film insured? Did we plan for aerial photography?
Liability confirmation?

All questions it would be best to clear up right away or, better yet, yesterday. It's 4 p.m. and you can't get through to anybody at the insurance company. How can we sort this out? It will be too late tomorrow. Oh well – it'll be fine. A scenario many agents and film producers are no doubt familiar with.

We all make use of solutions that are not strictly professional from time to time, happy in the knowledge that it usually works out.  Taking risks is par for the course in this line of work.

Then disaster strikes: The drone crashes, taking all of the rented equipment with it. The automatic return flight function malfunctioned because the batteries were running out. These things happen. The damage has been reported to the hire company and we paid an extra 15% for the sake of insurance cover; after all, better safe than sorry!

The claim has been rejected? Why?  The equipment wasn't covered in the event that it was attached to drones or similar flying objects. Now who will pay for the EUR 66,000-worth of damage to the Red Dragon – shattered into a thousand pieces across the racetrack?

The solution? Work with us. We understand your industry, know the pitfalls and even continue to provide our excellent consulting services after 4 p.m. We act quickly and arrange insurance at short notice. Of course, we're also happy to confirm that everything is covered or produce a written confirmation of liability, even if it's five minutes before you start shooting on a Sunday.

All it requires is a little creativity – much the same as in your industry. Every script, cinematographic work or advertising shoot has its own features and therefore comes with its own risks, and we help you to cover these through film framework contracts for multiple productions or individual projects.
MG media is the insider's tip and the most flexible way of insuring your production.

We look forward to finding the right cover for your production. 

Your client or finance partner is visibly enthusiastic about your project but the financial support is sure to be limited and the typical filming risks undermine the viability of the venture. The commercial risks need to be covered as well. With the exception of poor revenues at the box office, the Completion Bond is our way of protecting you from these conventional risks.
This cover provides a guarantee for your clients, financiers or producers that your production will be completed, no matter the circumstances, or the investors will get their money back.

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