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Insurance for healthcare professionals. Physiotherapists, naturopaths and personal trainers.

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Patients place a high level of trust in you.
Your responsibility for theirs is correspondingly high
Probably. Even with many years of work experience it is not
excluded that a mishap can happen.
Once wrongly acted, once wrongly decided and
the consequences for you can be devastating – financially
and legal. A professional indemnity strengthens you
back and won't leave you out in the rain, though
Patients become claimants or plaintiffs.

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Every office and practice inevitably invests
a high proportion of the turnover in the commercial
and technical office and practice equipment. fire and
Mains water damage as well as burglaries and
However, forces of nature can damage the content
and, above all, significantly disrupt operations or
even bring it to a standstill. The resulting
Drops in sales are a serious threat
for your existence.

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Can the operation of a company or a practice due to
property damage (fire, mains water, etc.) or
due to illness of the owner, in whole or in part
more to be maintained, lies business operations
in the worst case completely broke. The consequences for
operations are significant fi nancial implications
due to loss of profit due to fixed costs such as rent and additional costs
and wages and salaries continue to be paid
have to. Also customer churn and competitive disadvantages
can be the result.

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Sophisticated, sensitive and expensive electronic devices
are indispensable in many companies today
Helpers in the daily work. In almost all companies even
absolute basic requirement to last at all
to work profitably. Which consequences
would have it for your operation if your technical
Devices could not use and at the same time for replacement
have to worry about?

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In addition to securing pensions the pension commitment is also a way

  • to optimize the balance sheet in a simple way and to improve the equity ratio
  • to influence the rating, creditors and distribution
  • to create an improved basis for a company sale or a company transfer
  • remove all supply risks (e.g. longevity, death) from the company and secure them efficiently

Whether doctor, pharmacist, naturopath etc.: as
Healer you can quickly in
become involved in litigation. causes can
there are many: Disputes with an employee
or breaches of data protection law.
Also the risk of facing criminal charges
having to ask is steadily increasing. At a judicial
Disputes then often come up
Costs to the plaintiff or defendant.
With a legal protection insurance you have
a strong partner at your side!

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Insurance solutions for secondary healthcare professions

We offer insurance solutions for doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists,
Osteopaths, naturopaths and personal trainers. From the existential business liability
the securing business contents and business interruption insurance up to the motor vehicle fleet,
our special concepts grant comprehensive protection that covers your needs.

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