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The MG gastro pension concepts (occupational incapacity, pension / health and sickness daily allowance insurance) are offered to both owners and employees.

Covers every property risk that can be insured in Germany. This includes losses caused by business interruptions or closures, as well as catering/goods transportation.

Sunday afternoon at 4 p.m. , there is a wedding party with 300 guests on the way and the building is packed to the rafters. Moreover, you've just learned from an insider that Michael Ellis from Michelin will be one of your guests this evening. Sometimes everything comes all at once – well, isn't that always the way?

A ridiculous eleven hours later and job done! You've run a marathon. The guests are all satisfied and the catering team return exhausted, with qualified praise from the bride and groom. Everybody helps to carry the empty catering boxes into the kitchen. All that remains now is to clear up, pat each other on the shoulder and share a celebratory cigarette before heading home to sleep. What a day – or night – or both! Goodnight.

Then disaster strikes. Back into the car and head bleary-eyed back into the catastrophe. Your head had hardly hit the pillow before heading back to work. The first thing you see is – there's a fire!

You can't see for the smoke and the catering boxes have been roasted through like ox cheeks. But there is a silver lining – none of the guests have been injured and the building is still standing. You'll be able to sort everything out with a bit of ventilation and some new boxes. The firefighters haven't identified the cause yet, but your insurance covers fires. 

The fire has gotten soot into every nook and cranny in every single room in the building. Two weeks have passed, but the smell of fire is still as strong as it was on the first day. No exceptions – everything has to go. Today is the big meeting with the insurer and the fire brigade. The claims adjuster assumes it was a cigarette that caused a smouldering fire in one of the boxes. The fire brigade aren't committing to a specific cause. A cigarette butt could easily fly into a box at a catering event, and a number of staff and even guests had been smoking behind the tents. You nod, innocently. You've received an estimate of EUR 100,000 for the property damage. The interruption to the business is likely to cost another EUR 300,000 before everything can be back in operation. The man from the insurance company is also nodding in agreement, and says goodbye with a "I'll get the report finished right away, this seems pretty straightforward."

And then the sobering realisation that the insurance company is rejecting your claim. Why? Have they gone mad? Scorch damages are caused by burning, smouldering or heated objects without an open flame or fire developing, such as when a smouldering cigarette lands on a piece of furniture. This type of damage is not covered by such-and-such a policy... blah blah blah. That can't be right. EUR 400,000 in damages not covered.

What could we have done differently?!

The first thing is that we would never have accepted the cause – neither the insurance, nor we, nor you were able to determine the cause in this instance. If the insurer does not accept that decision, they are welcome to commission an expert opinion. If that does not provide any further insight, then this is in the customer's favour. You will either receive the EUR 400,000 or not, with a minimum of effort. The important thing is having access to good professional advice in the event of a claim.

Of course, in this example we could also simply accept the cause as a matter of principle as we do cover scorch damages.

Discover the advantages of our concept for yourself. We look forward to meeting you.

MG Denzer GmbH was developed especially for this professional group and, with its extensive insurance cover, boasts the best policies in Germany, with: 
- Insured sums for personal injury of up to €50 million per damage event and insurance year
- Insured sums for property damage of up to €30 million per damage event and insurance year

7 p.m. on a freezing Saturday evening and it's rush hour as usual. The guests charge in from the cold to enjoy a pleasant evening courtesy of your superb cuisine. It's all hustle and bustle at the entrance as your service staff juggle expensive fur coats and exclusive branded handbags and the cloakroom is stuffed full like a fine Christmas goose.

The booths are full and the kitchen is working at full capacity. Everything goes according to plan, with barely any special requests and lots of guests opting for the Autumn Special with a wine accompaniment. The feedback from the guests is wonderful.
"Just two more desserts," says the manager, "and we'll have done it." Shortly after 1 a.m. and the last guest is leaving the restaurant. No complaints, no breakages – it's been a perfect evening. If only!

Your relieved but exhausted service staff head to the cloakroom to fetch the last jacket. Hmm – nothing there. "I'm sorry, I'm sure we've left it in the next room," but the jacket is not there either. Your slightly tipsy regular takes it with good humour: "You know what – I'll just give you a call tomorrow – it'll turn up somewhere, not to worry!"

But the jacket is nowhere to be found. After what seems like 20 letters, 50 e-mails and 100 phone calls, the insurer tells you that they are prepared to cover EUR 300 on the basis of the strong relationship with the customer, minus the EUR 250 excess, working out at EUR 50, at which point they might as well have just have refused, as you could have excluded all liability by putting up a sign. How generous these insurance companies are. If you'd known in advance you could have saved yourself a lot of time and effort. One hour a day for three weeks in exchange for EUR 50. Super.

One week later and a letter arrives in the post. One of the guests had extreme stomach cramps the whole night from Saturday to Sunday. He is certain that the dessert was not completely lactose-free as advertised. He alleges that he has had almost an entire week of problems as a result, with trips to the pharmacy and the doctor, not being able to work and so on and so forth. He would therefore appreciate it if the bill for his company could be waived on this occasion. "You can no doubt manage without the EUR 1500." Time for a second attempt with the liability insurer. But they reject this claim as well: Product liability is not covered. "You wanted the standard cover, you would have made the money back quickly enough."

Could this have been handled any differently? We think so. We would have covered the full cost of the jacket.
How? Quite simply, no excess and higher insured sums. Still – we're hardly the only insurer to offer that. Most importantly, we would have known that putting up a sign on the cloakroom does not serve to exclude liability. We also include product liability cover free of charge.

MG gastro public liability insurance exceeds the market standard – it is the right supplement for your requirements. In haute cuisine, you cater to a large number of well-heeled and wealthy customers, meaning that claims can become expensive very quickly indeed. We not only offer you higher levels of cover but also work without inconvenient excesses.

But the factor that really sets us apart from the rest is that we know the sector and we will not let you down by refusing cover in cases of doubt. We streamline your processes and take on your unnecessary burdens.

Discover the advantages of our service for yourself. We look forward to meeting you. 

Our special MG gastro legal protection safeguards your business as well as the families of directors and those burdened with occupational, commercial or private disputes, without any limitation on the sums insured.

We have been offering the high-end gastronomy sector unbeatable terms for years, and clearly distinguish ourselves from extremely expensive premiums elsewhere in the market.

The icing on the cake is the fact that we are the only market provider offering corporate contract law protection free of charge. This even protects you against lost revenue due to unpaid bills, catering contracts cancelled at short notice or suddenly unsatisfied wedding guests.

Let us work out a quote for you – you will be pleasantly surprised! 

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will happily prepare a non-binding offer for you free of charge.

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For the hotel industry and haute cuisine

MG gastro is the gastronomy solution brought to you by the MG Denzer Group, your trusted insurance broker for high-class gastronomic establishments, hotels, restaurants and catering businesses. Reward your professionalism and scrupulousness with perfectly prepared insurance concepts: Positive risk selection allows us to serve up uniquely favourable insurance premiums for your gastronomy business.

Our customers have been benefiting from stable insurance premiums and fair claims settlements for over 15 years – and also reaping the benefits of the close relationships we forge with them, which makes us ideally placed to cater to your needs and requirements.

Being an independent insurance broker that specialises in hotel and restaurant insurance concepts enables us to do business in a faster, fairer and more focussed way.

Insurance terms and conditions can be copied much like recipes and room prices. The difference – in our work and yours – is the careful selection of ingredients and features.

This meticulousness attests to the quality and character of your menus, as well as our insurance consulting services for your hotel and restaurant.

See for yourself: Take a look at our ratings or read through some of the reviews from our clients working in gastronomy. Become part of an insurance community of hoteliers and restaurateurs with years of success under its belt.

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